How to Use a Light Box

1. How complete are your photography lighting kits? Will I need to purchase additional lighting equipment?

Photography lighting kits are often incomplete, requiring additional lighting equipment purchases for professional tent lighting. Litebox Photography has created these 100% complete light box kits to meet all of your studio lighting needs.

 2. Are these studio lighting kits appropriate for lighting for video?

Absolutely. The softbox lighting kits are perfect for shooting video. Lightweight and portable these lighting kits can quickly and easily be assembled on location. They are quiet, durable, and provide maximum control of your environment with our unique dimmer function.

 3. Are these photography kits easy to assemble and break down?

Yes. With the Litebox Photography Quick Start Guide, you can start taking professional fashion photography, portrait photography, or video interviews in minutes. The intuitive design of our lighting kits makes them easy for professional photographers, amateur photographers, and videographers to achieve quality results with portable, durable lighting equipment.

4. Does the softbox studio lighting kit come with a tripod?

Yes. Our Studio-45 Dual LED Softbox Studio Lighting Kit comes with two 7’6” professional grade aluminum adjustable light stands.

5. Are these lighting kits suitable for travel?

All of our lighting kits are designed with travel in mind. Todays photographers and videographers are mobile, shooting and filming in the studio and on location. Your softbox studio lighting kit should be complete, durable, and easy to transport and assemble.

6. Are these studio lighting kits suitable for outdoor shoots?

Durable, lightweight, and efficient, the Studio-45 Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit delivers ideal lighting for any indoor or outdoor photography or video project.

7. Do these studio lighting kits come with all the necessary filters and diffusers?

Photographers and videographers no longer have to replace bulbs or purchase additional filters and diffusers. Our softbox lighting kits have a dimmer function that is perfect for controlled studio lighting.

8. What bulbs do I need to purchase for these photography lighting kits? 

Bulbs are included with all our photography lighting kits. Because of our dimmer function, the only bulbs you will need to replace on our lighting kits are 6” 45W 50000 lumens / 5500k daylight bulbs.

9. Do you provide customer support?

Enjoy Lifetime Customer Service for your studio lighting kits. Litebox Photography is here seven days a week to answer your lighting equipment questions for photography lighting or lighting for video. Email us at info@liteboxpro.com.

10. What if I’m unhappy with my purchase? 

Studio lighting equipment from Litebox Photography is protected under our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are unhappy with the results with our photography lighting kits we will provide a full refund.