PRO-240 | 24

PRO-240 | 24" Light Box Studio Kit

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PRO-240 KIT: 5500K LED Studio Light Box Kit

Why risk your shoot outs with the incomplete Light box kits when you can get the complete photography kits handy here at your reach. The Litebox photography is designed to meet up with all your studio lighting needs for any type of photography you would like to cover. Ranging from food photography to continuous lighting for video, the Litebox 5500K LED light box never fails to give you the most optimized and brilliant lighting for your studio effects.

 Take the photography game to an entire new level with the Litebox advanced technology, the kit comes complete with a set Dual Adjustable High Powered LED Lights that showcases products in a 24”x24”x24” softbox format. Take full control of the entire shoot with the Litebox 5500K 90+ CRI Daylight Color Lighting with dimming for full control and optimal exposure.


Light Box Kit with Easy Setup

The Pro-240 Studio Lighting LED Kit is the fastest and easiest light box kit to setup. It comes with the Litebox Photography Quick Start Guide to keep you aligned throughout the procedure; you easily begin shooting glamorous photos within minutes. The intuitive design of the Pro-240 Studio Lighting LED Kit makes it easy for professional photographers, amateur photographers, and videographers to achieve quality results with tent lighting.



  • Portable and Lightweight with 4 Seal-able Ports Front & Top View! Easy to pack and travel.
  • 336 High-Output LED Diode (Dimmable) 5500K 90+ CRI producing ultra-bright bulbs.
  • Travel bag is also included with a table top w/phone Universal bracket - Fits Most Digital Cameras, Smart Phones, GoPro's, DSLR's.
  • A variety of PVC backdrops (white, blue, red, black) all cut with precision and quality.
  • Photography Light diffuser panel.


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