STUDIO-320S | 32" Square Softbox Lighting Kit

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Complete Softbox Studio Lighting Kit

Softbox Studio Lighting Kits for photography or for continuous lighting for video can cost a photographer or videographer $50 to $1,600. What’s the difference? A vast majority are either incomplete or the lighting equipment is not suitable for travel. You can move anything with a moving truck, but does that make it portable?

This complete softbox studio lighting kit was designed by Litebox Photography to be the studio lighting or lighting for video solution to the dilemma of quality versus mobility. Todays photographers and videographers are mobile, shooting and filming in the studio and on location. Your softbox studio lighting kit should be complete, durable, and easy to transport and assemble.

Professional Studio Lighting Features

  • Durable, lightweight, and efficient, the Studio-4 Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit delivers ideal lighting for any indoor or outdoor photography or video project.
  • Photographers and videographers no longer have to replace bulbs or purchase additional filters and diffusers. This softbox lighting kit has a dimmer function that is perfect for controlled studio lighting.

Softbox Studio Lighting Kit with Easy Setup

The Studio-4 Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit is the fastest and easiest softbox studio lighting kit to implement. With the Litebox Photography Quick Start Guide, you can start taking professional fashion photography, portrait photography, or video interviews in minutes. The intuitive design of the Studio-4 Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit makes it easy for professional photographers, amateur photographers, and videographers to achieve quality results with portable, durable lighting equipment.

Our Photography Lighting Kit Guarantee

Studio lighting equipment from Litebox Photography is protected under our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are unhappy with the results with our photography lighting kits we will provide a full refund.

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