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LED-280R: Dual Softbox Lighting Kit



(2) x Lights

(2) x Softboxes

(2) x Diffusers

(2) x Tripod Stands

(1) x Travel Bag


        Our most advanced LED softbox lighting kit with new rotatable softbox design allows for a horizontal and vertical setup! It comes in a PAIR and is one of the easiest lighting kits to implement in your home, studio, or business. Inside this kit, you'll find a "Quick Start Guide" which minimizes the learning curve for beginners, and advanced features for individuals looking to dive right into taking professional pictures and videos. 

        This kit includes EVERYTHING you need to get started out of the box.

        The LED-280R kit features new LED lights with individual multi-level dimmers giving you FULL CONTROL of your output!

        With this kit you can fine-tune each light for PERFECT EXPOSURE every time. And the best part is you never have to worry about breaking or replacing those fragile photography light bulbs!!! 

        The LED-280R's new softbox design also allows you to COMPLETELY REMOVE OR ROTATE the softboxes 90 degrees (for a horizontal or vertical setup!).

        We recommend this kit to anyone looking to take their photography or videography skills to the next level! 


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